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New Dress!

I've been way crafty lately, but I'll save the rest for another post and start with the dress that I made on Friday. Yup, that's how I spend my Friday nights, slaving away over a sewing machine. I used Vogue 2412, which looks way ugly from the pattern front, but I think my version is cute (and I already got compliments on it when I wore it today--that's the best feeling!) I would highly recommend the pattern to anyone who wants to make a shirtdress.

Sorry for the face croppage, but I was literally 15 minutes from getting all of my hair chopped off and it was a mess.

The collar detailing. I didn't really have enough fabric for this pattern because I used a piece I just happened to have from SCRAP. The facing down the center is smaller than it's supposed to be--shhh, don't tell anyone. I didn't have enough for both collar pieces, so I used this scrap of flowered fabric that just happens to coordinate perfectly. Even though it was a necessity, I love how it turned out.

Detail of the pattern and one of the cats who "helped." If by helped you mean crawled under the pattern paper any chance she got and ripped one of the pieces, grrr.

The only problem is that it turned out a little tight around the back because of my damn broad back. Next time I use the pattern, though, I think I'll know how to adjust it according to my Vogue sewing book. I'd also like to make a belt, but I don't have enough matching fabric.

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